Review steps 1-10 and try to identify where are you lacking. It could be one or more of these categories. It may seem overwhelming at first to fix it all but set a goal to tackle one of these steps at a time. “This week I will focus on being more mindful of my portion sizes!” That would be an excellent first step. Or “This week I will go to bed as early as I can, and I won’t stay up late to watch tv shows.” Another great step.

Too many fail because they are “All or nothing!” and strive for rigid perfection right off-the-bat. Remember, 1% improvement daily leads to 100% improvement in 100 days! I hope you found this no BS guide to fitness helpful! Stay Safe. Stay Strong. Stay Fit!

Coach Ted


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Check out some of the Fit Responder success stories here!


Andrea Karriker

I’ve been doing this program for 4 weeks now. I’m a full time investigator, wife, and mom. The food is quick and easy to make, not to mention delicious!!! The workouts only take about an hour which is huge for someone as busy as me. It’s been 4 weeks and I’m down 8.2 pounds. I feel better and look better. This program is exactly what us first responders need! Thanks for being able to help me out with my fitness journey!


Richard Rogers

Fit Responder is an amazing program tailored to you. I’ve lost 29 lbs in a short 8 weeks and plan on losing more. Workouts are manageable as well as the nutrition. Ted has a solid program that works. All you have to do is stick with it. Ted takes the thinking out of it! Physically I feel way better than I did when I started, with way more energy! Looking forward to seeing how far the program takes me. The Fit Responder coaches are awesome and responsive at almost any hour! Which amazed me, if you stumble they will help you get right back up and on track!


Luigi Carpio

Been a part of Fit Responder for about 3 months now. I must say, it was the best decision of my life! So far I'm down almost 12 pounds and have a long way to go until my goals.

Fit Responder has top notch coaches and a great community aspect to it. The meal plan is sustainable and has great options. I've tried many "diets" and were not realistic and sustainable. I've never realized how much I needed a coach until Fit Responder. It has held me more accountable and it motivates me more.

Overall happy with Fit Responder and looking forward to working with them long term to achieve my goals. Don't hesitate and join! It is definitely life changing and one of the best decisions I have made for myself.


Joshua Creamer

If your on the fence with this program just got off and start doing it! I can’t give a bigger shoutout to Ted for creating fit responder! I’ve never struggled with weight until I became older and had to take some medication that made me gain weight! I’ve struggled ever since, to lose the weight and have tried multiple programs and nothing really cut it! Fit Responder created a personal nutrition and workout plan to fit my needs and I’ve lost almost 30 pounds in just two months! I have my energy back and starting to gain some serious muscle! I would 110% recommend Fit Responder!


Steven Turner

Fit responder is a fantastic program and worth every penny. I have been a  cop in the Air Force for 13 years and have not figured out how to dial in fitness or nutrition. Ted and his team really helped me with that. I am down 20 lbs in a little over 2 months, but I have accomplished alot more than weightloss. My confidence is up, my back pain is much more manageable, and I feel great throughout the day. I have so much more energy that allows me to be a better father. I'm not completely drained at the end of the day any more. Bottom line if you are considering joining the program just do it and you will not be disappointed.


Andrea Travels

Fit Responder is a wonderful, effective program to get you to your health goals.  They are professional experts with a heart that you can trust. I am in my 60’s and have a new love for lifting weights and a confidence that I have the blue prints to change my body because of this program

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